Mercy Hayford

Mercy Hayford

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Mercy Hayford is the Head, Quality Assurance & Quality Control for Phyto-Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceuticals Ltd. She assumed the position in 2019.

She is responsible for the implementation of the overall quality management system of the company. She ensures that quality assurance procedures and methodologies are established and adhered to, throughout the manufacturing and development processes.

She supports overall production and manufacturing efficiency by identifying opportunities to enhance productivity. Since this role connects to the quality assurance fabric of the entire organization, she takes a more active, hands-on interest in implementing cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing solutions both in quality assurance procedures and production activities as a whole.

Before becoming the Head, Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Mercy worked in the capacity of Senior Quality Control Analyst, rising through the ranks to become the Assistant Quality Control Manager in Phyto-Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Mercy holds BSc. degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Cape Coast. She has, over the years, undertaken numerous pharmaceutical courses to build capacity in her area of expertise.

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