Engineering has a workshop in the plant so maintenance of equipments are done in the plant but outside the production area; equipments used are from renowned manufacturers.


The production has two plants: Liquids and Solids Plant

Liquids PIants

Phyto-Riker produces Oral syrups E.g. Cetapol syrup, Cetapol PM Syrup, for children, Diphex cough, Diphex, Diphex Bronchodilator, Diphex Antitussive syrups for Adult, Oral suspensions e.g. Septrex suspension; Rizole suspension; Amodiaquine suspension.

The Syrup department comprises of Dispensing room where weighing of the raw materials are done as described above, Preparation room where the weighed raw materials are mixed to produce syrups, a Filling room where the syrups are filled into bottles, and Packaging section where the filled bottles are packed into jackets and shippers.

Some of the products we produce at the syrup department include; Cetapol syrup, Cetapol PM Syrup, Diphex Junior, and Adult cough syrups.

Solids Plants

The solids section is divided into five major areas. These are Dispensing Section where the raw materials are weighed, Granulation section where the weighed raw materials are converted into granules using either wet or dry granulation, Compression section where the granules are compressed into tablets, Sachet filling section where granules are filled into sachet and Packaging section where the tablets are blistered and packed into finished goods.

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