The Finance Department is responsible for managing Financial resources and risks of PRG.

Human Resource

The Human resource section is responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing workers. They also handle employee relations, benefits, and training.

Logistics and Supply Chain

The Department is responsible for acquisitions of material inputs, machinery/equipment, and services to support production and general operational requirements of the company.

The Department’s mandate includes research and contracting of suppliers for domestic and overseas sourcing, development of a commercial relationship with suppliers, liaison with statutory/ regulatory agencies, physical movement of goods from suppliers’ point through Customs to the company’s warehouse, the deployment of materials onto the production line and storage of Finished Goods until final delivery to the Sales and Marketing Team.

Facility and Transport

The Department is responsible for making transportation policies; makes comprehensive planning of transit systems; assesses and monitors traffic-related administrative plans; compiles and analyzes transportation statistics.

Offers road safety campaigns; devises accident prevention strategies for automobiles; evaluates improvements in road traffic safety and supervises automobile accident investigations.

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