Phyto-Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceuticals Limited celebrates 60th anniversary this year

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March 13, 2023
June 27, 2022

Phyto-Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceuticals Limited (PRG), formerly Ghana Industrial Holding Corporation Pharmaceuticals (GIHOC), turns 60 years this year and the company will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee in recognition of the feat it has chalked over the years.

The company was birthed in 1962, five years after Ghana gained independence, as part of a national drive to set up a state-owned pharmaceutical company to produce outstanding quality medications.
Through the government’s privatization of state-owned enterprises, GIHOC was divested and became Phyto-Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceuticals Limited PRG, an American company.

Through a consortium of locally pooled investors, it has reverted back into wholly Ghanaian ownership and management!

PRG’s mission is to offer high-quality pharmaceutical products and related services, at an affordable cost, to meet the needs of the population of Ghana, West Africa, and beyond.

Today, due to the dynamism of PRG’s board and leadership, the company is uniquely positioned in the sub-Saharan African market to manufacture brands and products specifically tailored to the African marketplace.

Vibrant brands
Phyto-Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceuticals Limited (PRG) became the first ISO 9001-2015-certified pharmaceutical manufacturing company in West Africa, leveraging on its West African network and increasing Ghanaian market share to chart a path critical to leapfrogging into the enormous promising future ahead.
The company has over the years registered over 70 pharmaceutical products with the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in compliance with the provisions of the Public Health Act 2012 (851).
The product portfolio ranges from anti-infectives, anti-malarial, and analgesics including pediatric medications.
Some of the leading brands of PRG include ZUBES®️ Cough Range, DRASTIN®️, CETAPOL®️, CIPROMAX®️, FLEMEX®️, DIPHEX®️, RITONIC®️, RIKER-ON®️, PR ZINC®️ Tablets, and PR ORS®️, among others.

Operational countries
Quite a good number of the company’s products are registered across different West African Anglophone and Francophone countries such as Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Mali, The Gambia, Niger, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Cote D’Ivoire, and Burkina Faso.
With approximately 200 dedicated employees working in the company factory in Accra and Kumasi, PRG continues to make an enormous contribution to the socio-economic development of Ghana.

To drive continuous value for all stakeholders with utmost support from the board, PRG is led by a top-notch management team covering key units of Administration, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance / Control, Supply Chain, Human Resources Management and Engineering.

Innovation capabilities
Building on a product portfolio of both branded and generic products, PRG continues to innovate and add improved value to its range based on emerging trends and needs of the market.
PRG is truly committed to a tradition of trusted quality in its entire operation and commercial processes.
Anniversary launch
Given all these remarkable achievements worth celebrating, the company launched its 60th anniversary celebration in Accra on May 12, 2022.
There are a series of activities lined up to mark the 60th anniversary which is being held on the theme “Trusted quality for great health: 60 years of continuous impact.”
The activities, which will be climaxed with a grand durbar in August this year, include donations to selected hospitals and medical institutions in May, an Accra roadshow to increase public awareness of health-related issues in August, Kumasi roadshow in October, and games in December this year.
Brighter future ahead
Addressing stakeholders at the launching ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PRG (GIHOC), Mrs. Theresa Yamson, acknowledged the immense contributions of suppliers, the FDA, and other regulatory stakeholders as well as staff, both past and present, who worked hard and continued to work every day to deliver the utmost best to “take our company forward.”
“Today, as we commence with the launch of our activities to commemorate 60 years of continued impact, I am confident that the next 60 years will be even brighter and more successful for Phyto-Riker Pharmaceuticals so that generations to come will understand the depth of the vision started by our forefathers and value the economic and social development that comes with having a strong and vibrant pharmaceutical manufacturing sector here in Ghana,” she said.
Embrace disruptive innovations
The Board Chairman of PRG, Mr. Kwesi Atuah, stressed the need for the company to embrace technological innovations in order to allow the sail to a greater height.
“My challenge to you is that let us embrace innovation and disruption; let us find out what we can do and go ahead to do it to keep Phyto-Riker going,” he said.

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